week eight

week eight summary

This week has been short but definitely very busy. My group met on zoom Wednesday after Fall break to record our radio show. Zoom was definitely a struggle to have all everyone’s audio come through clearly, but we did the best we could since we were not able to meet in person since most of […]

week seven

week seven summary!

This week was busy! We got into groups, and started planning our radio show project. We met on the voice channel in discord and talked through ideas, made plans, and split up the work. This week, I created a Goodyear commercial with Audacity for our radio show. I also created a bumper for our radio […]

week six

week six summary!

This week I learned a lot about design. I thought the Stranger Things title sequence video was specifically interesting. I also wrote about my thoughts on the Brain Pickings article here. The first assignment I completed was the DesignBlitz. I tried to find the design elements as much as I could in one area, which […]

week five

week five summary!

I listened to “Moon Graffiti” after watching the two videos from RadioLab’s Jad Abumrad. Then, I blogged my thoughts on its use of sound to tell the story, and compared it to Abumrad’s ideas. I also created a radio bumper for ds106 radio! This was my first audio editing assignment. Then, I made a short […]

week four

week four summary!

This week I thought about my current experience with photography – about what subjects I focus on and how I structure my photos, and reflected on some of the tips provided in the resources for improving my pictures. Then, I analyzed photos I found for the elements described in the resources, and identified storytelling aspects […]

week three

week three summary!

This week I completed four writing assignments: a haiku of emotions, where I focused on writing about my own emotions, a conversation between a tree and a squirrel, which focused on non-humans, the end is for everything, which also focused on the story of non-humans (after an apocalypse) and instagram is down so here is […]

week two

week two summary!

This week, a main thing I learned was how to make gifs. A few of the assignments I did had to do with gifs. First, I wrote a post on my thoughts on artistic ambition and read through how to write up assignment posts. I also customized my site a little more, by adding things […]

week one

week one summary

This week, I learned how to do many new things in digital media that I had not done before. I was able to learn how to set up a blog for the first time, and learn how to use WordPress. At first, I was a little nervous having never used WordPress before, but the supporting […]