week thirteen

final project!

This semester really flew by! We are already at the final project. The story I want to share with the world is about living in the present moment. I as well as many people through the pandemic have been through many changes and transitions in the past few years, many of which I did not […]

week twelve

week twelve summary

For my Mashup Assignments, I mashed together two songs and created a contradictory movie poster. For remix assignments, I remixed the music of GIFs and moo moo says the GIF. This week I also participated in the Daily Create on Twitter, and read and commented on other students’ posts. Onto the next week!

week eleven

week eleven summary

This week, I completed 10 stars of video assignments. I did the video assignment and the time lapse assignment. I really liked the time lapse assignment and how you can see the shadows moving across the the woods as the sun goes down. I liked how creative all of the video assignment prompts were this […]

week ten

week ten summary!

This week was busy! I did a video essay on a movie scene to incorporate some elements we learned this week. For my ten stars of video assignments, I made a video poem where I read a poem over a movie scene, and worked this assignment in a different way into the software angel assignment, […]

week nine

week nine summary

This week, I reworked some old assignments, adding to them and redoing them. I enjoyed revisiting them! I reflected on listening to The Undergraduate Monster Wash on ds106 radio and my group’s own radio show. It was so interesting to hear other groups’ shows! I connected three Daily Creates into a story. This was a […]

week eight

week eight summary

This week has been short but definitely very busy. My group met on zoom Wednesday after Fall break to record our radio show. Zoom was definitely a struggle to have all everyone’s audio come through clearly, but we did the best we could since we were not able to meet in person since most of […]

week seven

week seven summary!

This week was busy! We got into groups, and started planning our radio show project. We met on the voice channel in discord and talked through ideas, made plans, and split up the work. This week, I created a Goodyear commercial with Audacity for our radio show. I also created a bumper for our radio […]

week six

week six summary!

This week I learned a lot about design. I thought the Stranger Things title sequence video was specifically interesting. I also wrote about my thoughts on the Brain Pickings article here. The first assignment I completed was the DesignBlitz. I tried to find the design elements as much as I could in one area, which […]

week five

week five summary!

I listened to “Moon Graffiti” after watching the two videos from RadioLab’s Jad Abumrad. Then, I blogged my thoughts on its use of sound to tell the story, and compared it to Abumrad’s ideas. I also created a radio bumper for ds106 radio! This was my first audio editing assignment. Then, I made a short […]

week four

week four summary!

This week I thought about my current experience with photography – about what subjects I focus on and how I structure my photos, and reflected on some of the tips provided in the resources for improving my pictures. Then, I analyzed photos I found for the elements described in the resources, and identified storytelling aspects […]