week four

becoming a better photographer

Based on this resource, here the connections I found with the following photos. These are not my own photos, but ones that I looked for specifically that I think display some of the qualities and tips we are focusing on.

How to photograph a great sunset in Manhattan Beach - Easy Reader News

In this picture above, I can see that the lighting of where the sun was coming through was taken into account. The moment, contrast, and foreground and background were also storytelling aspects found in this picture.

Outdoor Picture Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

In this picture, I really like the perspective of being so close to the ground, but also having such a clear view of the background.

119 - Landscape - Morning Tree Shadows Photograph by Eric Copeman

Here, we can really see the contrast of the shadows on the tree over the grass, with the sunlight (lighting) coming through around the trees. I also noticed how the perspective was cast a little downwards to focus on the shadows on the ground.

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