week four


This was the photoblitz assignment. The goal was to complete this list of photo ideas under 20 minutes. This assignment had me running around to find the right pictures, which I was not expecting but I think it turned out okay!

  1. Rule of thirds shot.

I googled the rule of thirds and it means to take a picture with the subject in the right third of the picture, with two thirds of the picture open. I took a this thirds picture of my aloe plant, placing the plant in the right part of the picture.

2. Turn your food into the shape of a face. Then take a photo of it

Here I made a banana and peaches I had into a smiley face.

3. Take a photo that includes a manufactured product and at least one of its elements.

The manufactured food here is the rice cakes, which are made with brown rice. I tried to find brown rice to photograph with it but all I had was this wild rice.

4. Take a photo using a camera setting that you are unfamiliar with.

Here, I used the “studio lighting” on the portrait mode on my iPhone that I had never used before, and I tried to play around with the perspective shift the focus.

5. No ocean, surely you can find some water around you to take a photo of.

I wish I had the ocean around me to take a picture of, but unfortunately the best I could do was my sink.

6. An instrument that measures something

For this one, I went with a measuring spoon we had.

7. Make a photograph of a smile, either literal or symbolic.

Lastly, I made a smile out of pens on my desk. I tried not to get the shadow of my phone in it, but it was hard!

Here are the timestamps before and after!

This assignment did have me searching for ways to complete it, but the longest part of it was actually getting the pictures to upload to this post – it took awhile!

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