week four

the due date is when??

For this assignment, I had wanted to tell a story using gifs. I chose the story of me realizing that a ds106 due date is coming up, and I haven’t finished the work!

good mythical morning having fun GIF by Rhett and Link
Stop Wait GIF by Sleeping Giant Media
Oh No Wtf GIF by CBC
Meryl Streep Wait GIF
excuse me what GIF
Episode 11 GIF by The Simpsons
season 1 netflix GIF by Gilmore Girls
The Office Reaction GIF

For this assignment, I used Giphy to search for gifs that I thought would be able to fit this story. I used their search engine and had to look around for good gifs, and once I found them I copied them and pasted them here! I liked this assignment a lot!

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