week nine

radio show reflections

Yesterday I listened to The Undergraduate Monster Wash radio show on ds106 radio. I really enjoyed this show! The group used consistent sound effects and background music throughout to really set the scene and add a spooky theme to the stories they were telling. The voice acting in each story also added to how well it came across. I was really impressed by this show, especially after hearing that they managed to do all of it virtually! Each segment was suspenseful and had attention-grabbing drama. I liked how they used some true stories too. There were a few jump scares in there also!

Reflecting on listening to my own group’s show, I am happy we were able to pull together this show even though we weren’t able to meet in person. Most of the group lived too far to be able to come to campus, so we recorded everything on Zoom. You can definitely tell in some parts, but I think overall it turned out pretty well for what we were able to do!

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