week seven

radio show progress

This week, my group, formed and started talking on our Discord server. I joined the group a little late, and got caught up about the idea for our project: to recreate an old episode of the Roy Rogers Show. We started working on a google doc to keep track of our ideas and work. We looked over the script for the episode, called “The Missing Scientist” then started editing the script to change a few of the characters to incorporate our theme/Bob Ross. We also changed the name to “The Missing Painter.” We all listened to the original episode of the show to get a feel for the theme and music/sounds used.

We also got on the voice channel on Discord on Monday to plan out the radio show. We split up which of us would be making commercials, bumpers, transitions, sound effects, etc. We talked about the direction we wanted to take with each, and talked through some examples. We also each picked two roles to play in the script.

We tried to figure out meeting in the vocal booth on campus, but they had a limit of 2 people in the booth, and there are five of us, plus most of our group lives an hour or more away from campus. So, we decided to set up a time to record on Zoom next week.

We’ve all been updating the google doc with links to the commercials, bumpers, transitions, and logos we’ve been making! I created a commercial for Goodyear, one of the Roy Roger Show’s original sponsors. I also created a bumper for our radio show, and made a Roy Rogers Show logo. Audacity has been my go-to this week!

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