week six

week six summary!

This week I learned a lot about design. I thought the Stranger Things title sequence video was specifically interesting. I also wrote about my thoughts on the Brain Pickings article here.

The first assignment I completed was the DesignBlitz. I tried to find the design elements as much as I could in one area, which was more challenging than I thought, but I had fun with it!

The first design assignment I worked on from the Assignment Bank was to put a poem I picked together with a background that emphasized the message, then make three versions with different typefaces, type layout, and type color. Just changing these small things drastically impacted the message. Then, I worked on creating an ad for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

Next, I created a graphic with contradictory text. Then, I did the favorite movie quote assignment, where I inserted the quote over the picture of the scene.

I also commented on other students’ posts and participated in the Daily Create on Twitter.

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