week three

week three summary!

This week I completed four writing assignments: a haiku of emotions, where I focused on writing about my own emotions, a conversation between a tree and a squirrel, which focused on non-humans, the end is for everything, which also focused on the story of non-humans (after an apocalypse) and instagram is down so here is my lunch, where I wrote a poem describing my lunch.

I connected these assignments back to our course theme of “the Joy of ds106.” I liked what a student said about being able to come back and make changes to our websites. It was a good reminder that it all doesn’t have to be done all at once!

This week a major theme for me was learning how to write haikus. I wrote my first one in awhile in the Daily Create, then continued writing some more in the writing assignments. They’re not as easy as they look, because you have to make sure you use the exact right number of syllables in each line!

This week I also participated in the Daily Creates on twitter and also read through and commented on other students’ posts on their websites. I also did some readings and watched the videos in week two, and wrote about connections between them and a tv show I just finished.

I still hope to be able to get these assignments done a little earlier in the week, so hopefully next week!

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