week two

guess the myth!

For this assignment, I had to use at least five GIFs to tell a myth, folklore, or legend. I went with a common myth I heard growing up all the time at school. Can you tell what it is?

Did you get it? The myth was:

“Don’t step on a crack or you’ll break your mama’s back.”

To complete this assignment, first I looked up some common legends and myths. This article, 25 popular urban legends explained was helpful and reminded me of this one.

Then, I searched for different gifs to describe the myth. I used the Giphy website, and searched through a few keywords to find gifs that worked.

I chose this assignment because I think that in our society, myths and legends can a lot of times color our childhoods. This story told through gifs is one example. I remember completely believing this legend as a kid, and going home to mom to ask if it was true. These stories, legends, and myths we hear growing up are apart of our experience of life, like the the background colors in a painting. Just like how Bob Ross showed us how adding some paint here and there in the background of a painting adds to the painting as a whole.

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