week two

week two summary!

This week, a main thing I learned was how to make gifs. A few of the assignments I did had to do with gifs.

First, I wrote a post on my thoughts on artistic ambition and read through how to write up assignment posts. I also customized my site a little more, by adding things like widgets and a site icon.

Then, I worked an an assignment about creating a gif that exemplified the work “triumph.” This was my first time creating a gif, and I used the app Giphy. I researched a few articles to figure out how, and it took a little while but I got it down.

The next assignment I did was my favorite – it was about the towel scene from New Girl. This time I used the Giphy website to import a video from YouTube to crop into a gif and add captions to.

The last assignment bank assignment I did was about pooling together at least 5 gifs that told the story of a childhood myth. I used the Giphy website to search for the right gifs to tell the story.

I also went back to my write up for “the Joy of ds106,” on a Bob Ross video, to see connect the assignments I was working on with the theme of ds106.

Throughout the week, I tweeted responses to the Daily Create each day. It was a little difficult to find time to do this every day, but I set reminders on my phone so I wouldn’t forget. Also, I read through and commented my thoughts on some classmate’s posts this week. It was interesting to see what other people are creating!

Overall, this week went a little better than last since I knew more about what to expect, but I am still working on how to plan my time to complete all of the assignments and work a little faster. I started earlier in the week than I did last week, but there was still was a lot to cover. Hopefully next week will go a little smoother!

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