my final project

The story I wanted to share with the world was about living in the present moment. I as well as many people through the pandemic have been through many changes and transitions in the past few years, many of which I did not expect. It taught me to cherish the good as well as the bad moments as they come.

This is a topic that I think many can relate to. For the project, I started by interviewing family and friends about their experience and advice about being present and enjoying moments in life, especially when we are used to going a mile a minute without slowing down. I compiled some of my favorite quotes of theirs and made them into designs.

I also found a fitting poem for the theme: “Past, Present, and Future” by June Kellum. I read the poem and decided to edit a video for it using the music video for “These Memories” by Hollow Coves. This song’s lyrics I thought were a perfect match for the theme, and the video itself as well. The video was filmed by one of the members of the band while he was traveling though Europe, and captures a lot of beautiful moments and scenery.

I used Canva and Screencast-o-matic for this project.

I liked how this project got me to explore this topic in depth and incorporate the input of family and friends. It was very interesting to hear different people’s perspectives on living in the moment. I enjoyed hearing their advice and knowledge they’ve picked up along their way. It was interesting to find a way to communicate everything I learned in completing the project, but I really like the way everything turned out!

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