week eight

update on our radio show progress!

For this week, my group just met today to record our radio show. We had our script ready, with each of us taking two roles. We each read through the script to make sure we knew when our parts came in. Also, for a few of us, our characters would end up talking to each other at some point since the script was about 30 minutes long, so we decided to go with it and try and use different accents while we were recording to show the different characters speaking.

Most of my group lives at least an hour away from campus, and we found that the audio recording booth on campus only allows two people in at a time, so we met on zoom to record our script. We had all of the sound effects our group created ready to play while recording. For the longer sounds/music and bumpers/commercials, we decided to leave pauses in the recording to add them in later with Audacity.

We tried to have multiple people record the zoom call just in case someone’s internet went out, but zoom only let one person record. It all worked out though with just one. We were having some issues hearing everyone at the beginning, so we just tried to mute ourselves when we weren’t speaking or when sound effects were playing, which pretty much solved it.

I think for meeting on zoom it went pretty well – we got through the technical difficulties and everyone’s audio came through pretty clearly. Now, we just have to clean it up and edit in the music, commercials, etc.!

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