week five

moon graffiti

I listened to “Moon Graffiti,” which employed sound effects and changes in sound to tell the story ‘what if Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin actually crashed on the moon?’ I thought the techniques they employed to illustrate the story were very interesting and creative. In the beginning, alarming sounds before the crash happens creates a sense of panic, like something bad is about to happen. Even without telling us outright what is going on, through the dialogue and sound effects, we can pick up on the fact that they are trying to land on the moon. In the following ‘scenes’ of the two once they have crashed onto the moon, we as the audience really feel like we are there with them through the sounds that we hear. When we hear them describe the moon surface and hear the sound of them kicking the surface, we can paint the picture in our heads. This illustrates what Abumrad was saying about co-authorship. Abumrad explained that when he is describing something, it is like he is painting a picture, only we hold the paintbrush. It creates a sense of empathy between the audience and the speaker. There is also a sense of immediacy and intimacy as explained by Abumrad.

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