week four

week four summary!

This week I thought about my current experience with photography – about what subjects I focus on and how I structure my photos, and reflected on some of the tips provided in the resources for improving my pictures.

Then, I analyzed photos I found for the elements described in the resources, and identified storytelling aspects in each. I thought the resource gave some interesting points to apply to these pictures.

I complete a 20 minute photoblitz, which sent me all around looking for the right subjects for my pictures. This assignment was fun, but the longest part was actually how the pictures took a pretty long time uploading to my post.

Then, I worked with gifs. I used the Giphy website. For the first assignment, I told the story of realizing a ds106 due date is coming up. Then, I tried to learn how to merge two clips into one gif to show the story of an actor playing different roles, but I had some difficulty with it. I think the gif turned out pretty well, still! Then, I created a gif of a band that I like, also using the Giphy website. After that, I made different gifs from different scenes of my favorite TV show at the moment.

This week I also completed the Daily Creates on Twitter, read and commented on my classmate’s posts, and submitted my picks for the posts of the week.

All in all, this week’s assignments definitely took me a while, but I’m working on managing my time when working on these weekly assignments.

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