week nine

final project ideas

I was not expecting it to be so hard to brainstorm ideas. There are so many directions we could take the project! An idea I’ve been thinking about that keeps with our Bob Ross theme is maybe recreating one of his paintings following one of his videos. I want it to be a painting that tells the story of the joy of life. So much joy can be found in making art just like we do in this class, and I would want my final project to show that.

This is just what I am thinking so far and will probably be adding to it or coming up with other ideas!

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A number of people have project ideas based on the joy of creativity. Maybe it would be a good idea to reach out to some of them and work together.

[…] So there are 2 final project ideas that my peers came up with that I think are pretty interesting. Skyler came up with the idea to do something related to keep the final project centered around Bob Ross and recreate one of his paintings using one of his videos. I think that would be a cool idea. The spin I’d take on it is instead of physically painting it, I’d use Adobe Illustrator and one of those USB-connected electronic drawing tablets to recreate the painting. I think it’d be cool to see how his art would translate to being electronically drawn. I’d also make it a side-by-side video where I’d show his painting process on one side and how I’m drawing it on the left. […]

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