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Bob Ross – Storm’s A Comin (Season 26 Episode 11)

Although I had heard of Bob Ross, I had never actually watched one of his videos until today. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked watching the tutorial. His voice was surprisingly very calming as he easily walked us through how to achieve the painting. I liked how many of his quotes not only apply to painting, but also could be applied to real life.

Many of his directions were focused not on everything needing to be perfect, but instead centered around doing what we feel is right. “Just let those little rascals happen,” he said in the video. “As I say, in your world, you put as many layers of clouds as you want or as few, it doesn’t matter,” he also explained. When he was deciding where to paint more waves, he guided the audience by saying, “just decide where you think they are.” This concept of trusting our instincts is very important, and speaks to me specifically as I often tend to overthink or question the decisions that I make.

I also liked how he was able to transport to audience to the place he was painting, encouraging us to appreciate nature and life around us also. He described Daytona Beach with its dolphins and manatees. “They’re huge but they’re the most gentle creature God’s ever made,” he said of the manatees.

Many morsels of inspiration can be found throughout this video, encouraging us to live more optimistically, creatively, and bravely.

Bob Ross – Storm’s A Comin (Season 26 Episode 11)

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