week ten


For this assignment, I combined this Software Angel assignment:

“For this assignment, you have to pay it forward SOFTWARE EDITION. In this class, we’ve had to use a lot of softwares to complete many assignments, so pick one that you love using and make a quick video for it. This way, other DS106 students in the future would know where to find these softwares if they needed to use any of them.”

with this Video Poem assignment:

“Have a favorite poem? Record yourself reading out loud and set it to a related video (favorite episode clips or movie clips, animate something, the choice is yours!)”

Since we’re coming up on Halloween, I wanted to create something with a spooky theme. I used screencast-o-matic to create a video where I read the poem “You darkness, that I come from” by Rainer Rilke over a spooky ambience video on YouTube.

I think screencast-o-matic is a really helpful tool for ds106 students to use in video assignments!

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