week three

a conversation between a tree and a squirrel

“Hey Tyler, you don’t look so good.”

“Hey Sam, I don’t feel good. It hasn’t rained in way too long. What are you doing here?”

“Oh no! I’m just out here looking for acorns, but there is a pond not too far from here, maybe I could try to bring some water back for you on an acorn shell!”

“Oh no, it wouldn’t be enough. I am just hoping for a storm soon. I see some acorns over by Tom.”

“Thanks! I’ll just go get th- AH! What was that?”

“It’s lightning!”

“Oh no! I hate lightning!”

“It’s okay, it’s a good thing! Lightning means rain will happen soo-“

“I can feel it! It’s raining!”

“Me too! Finally!”

This assignment was called “Nonhuman Perspectives,” and wanted us to write a conversation between two non-human things:

“What if plants and animals could all communicate without humans understanding? Write either about a conversation between two non-human living things or through the point of view of one non-human witnessing people go about their daily lives.”

I chose to write a conversation between a tree named Tyler and a squirrel named Sam. I think that this conversation between a tree and squirrel mirrors how objects in Bob Ross’s paintings also have to “talk” in the sense that they have to work together to form the complete painting.

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This was such a sweet little story! Thank you for sharing it. I love the kindness between these two friends, and imagine that Tyler offered to help the squirrel feel safe until the storm passed.

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