week two

artistic ambition

I think it’s very true that we all engage in creative activities as artists. We can be involved in art intentionally or without even noticing it. Growing up, my mom and grandpa loved painting, so me and my sisters were always drawing and painting. Today, I can find art in my day-to-day life through the music I listen to, fitness, cooking, spending time with friends and family, going thrifting, and even in decorating for fall :). We can find artistic choices in what clothes we wear, how we structure our days, what books we read, and more. So many things we do involve creative decisions, even if we don’t realize it.

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Very well said! I love that we all can be artist in our own way. I find it very neat that you like to draw. One of my close friends draws and his work is incredible. He is so talented and I admire anyone that can draw or paint!

I’m really glad you mentioned that we can find art in the clothes we wear. I didn’t even think of that otherwise I would’ve mentioned it on my page!

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