week two

it’s a great day for sporting gifs

This assignment, “It’s A Great Day for Sporting GIFs,” required me to create a gif.

“Explosive action, athleticism, skill, strategy, teamwork, triumph, and repetition are some elements that make up a sporting activity. Choose a sporting activity and then make an animated gif that represents one or more of these elements.”

I chose this particular assignment because I think there are so many elements such as the ones mentioned that contribute into making sports such a popular form of entertainment to watch. I liked the idea of focusing on one element to show in a gif, to tell the story of this element.

Also, I had never made a gif before but always wanted to learn how to make one.

The sporting activity I chose was hockey. I made a gif from the Stanley Cup Finals of Tampa Bay winning.

The main element I think this gif conveys is the word “triumph.” It shows the celebration and pride Tampa has after the win.

Making the gif was not as easy as I thought it would be. I googled how to make a GIF, and read a few articles on how to do it. A few of the first things I tried like adding a shortcut to my iPhone did not end up working, but the third website I went to had instructions that did work.

The easiest method I found in this article was downloading the app “Giphy” to my iPhone.

“It lets you browse and share from the site’s huge library of GIFs, pull images or videos from your phone’s Photo library, or shoot and edit new videos.”

From there, it was easy. I downloaded the app, uploaded the video I found of the Lightning celebrating winning the Stanley Cup, edited it, and saved it as a GIF.

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These are good resource references. I too have no idea how to make GIFs and I always thought they would be fun to make, so maybe I’ll give it a try sometime in the future for one of my assignments.

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